DIY Floral Arrangement with Little Miss Lovely

May 3, 2014

One thing I love about the Eastern Shore, is that it’s filled with amazingly talented, young entrepreneurs. Ami Reist, owner of Little Miss Lovely floral design & event decorating is one of them. I heard about Ami through a mutual friend, and after scrolling through pictures of the most beautiful floral arrangements on her Facebook page, I knew I had to collaborate with her! Since I knew NOTHING about floral arrangements, it only made sense to make an instructional video. Watching Ami arrange was inspiring — she has a true love for flowers and passion for what she does, and it shows on her countenance as she works. Myself on the other hand, looked like a lost sheep. Luckily, Ami is a great teacher and made such a detailed process easy to learn. Before I knew it, I had made my 1st flower arrangement! (Please watch the video in HD)floral arrangement-2LML COLLAGE 1 1497730_695580927132437_1221545170_n The thing I love most about Ami’s arrangements is that they don’t look like the typical floral arrangements you find at the store, or the “grandma – looking” arrangements you find at floral boutiques. Her floral arrangements are fresh (no pun intended), creative, and on trend– like something you would see in the chicest wedding magazine (not that I’ve ever looked through on of those) ;-) Oh, and did I mention eco-friendly!? Instead of using floral foam, which is non-biodegradable, Ami uses a tape grid (seen in video) to hold the flowers in place.LML collage 2Pictures courtesy of Little Miss Lovely. Picture of flower crown & wedding cake courtesy of,1fzVDMSCEoKRbsCbfTpBmTCew7kXsKjo8CZfMGWTTJY,FX3wtqgWqFsCcOBAY_rvJi_8qCyyypJPZDNan83q4cs I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful. If you’re interested in learning more, Ami frequently holds floral classes throughout the community. You can find information on upcoming classes and events on her Facebook page and website ( AND, if you’re local, there is still time to order Mother’s Day flowers!! You can place an order directly through her website.

Thanks so much for watching & reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Office Makeover: Floors

April 5, 2014

Since I’ve decided to take on the task of transforming my storage/office/craft room into an actual, legit, work space, I’ve been having nightmares about the hideous beige brick patterned vinyl floor (seen here). Seriously, even typing that description makes me cringe. Since investing in brand new flooring is out the question, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most affordable way to revamp the floor is to PAINT IT!  painted floors 9 painted floors 10 painted floors 7 painted floors 6 painted floors 5 painted floors 4 painted floors 3 painted floors 2 painted floors1

Vinyl + Paint, sounds like a DIY destined to go wrong. But I’ve done my research and LOTS of people have tried it — apparently it works, it lasts, and it’s a pretty simple process (instructions). Besides, even the worse results would look better than beige brick patterned vinyl (cringe). What do you guys think… Good solution, or nay? Leave a comment.

 pics via

DIY: Little Animals

March 29, 2014

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my nephew and godchildren, it’s that their favorite toy one week, is old news the next. I love the idea of finding “grown up” uses for lost and forgotten toys. Spray painting and repurposing these little animal figurines is one of my favs!

animal diy 2 animal diy 3 animal diy 1 animal diy 4 animal diy 7 animal diy 8Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!